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Jessica Magnusson 

An immediate and unexpected effect of the tantra training was that I began integrating parts of it into my regular work life (as an engineer) already during the course.
It could be about how to get everyone to contribute and engage, to how I responded to triggered individuals. Funny thing was that I even talked about lingam massage with some colleagues.

I also feel it has become easier to interact with people in difficult situations (e.g. anger, sadness, anxiety).
It's actually, to some extent, a new approach to life. We are often stuck in old thought patterns and it's wonderful to sometimes be able to plant a seed that can lift the clouds over time for someone else. Whether it's mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically supportive.

The training to become a tantric therapist has given me so much more than just having it as a tool with clients. It has given me support in everyday life and in how I interact with friends and family. Another thing that is good for me is that I have been able to give the children a better behavioral inheritance and understanding of life. A nuanced view of the programming we have received from societal and cultural norms.

So, this course is not just for those who want it as a profession, it's also for those who want a deeper understanding and more genuine experience of life. In fact, there are some who take the course just to learn more about life, without having it as a profession.

Graduated 2024

Maria Demérus

I am SO glad I decided to take The Art of Love's tantra therapist training. I was a little hesitant at first because I already have so many long trainings in tantra and coaching/therapy, but being able to take part in Lin's 'transmission' around hands-on bodywork was SO valuable to me. I learned both a lot about myself as a person and a therapist, and how to work with myself and my clients to support lasting transformation and expansion, in a safe, secure and at the same time playful way.
I also had a lot of fun and made friends for life during the training!

Graduated 2023

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