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Hand with long red nails caressing  a wite feather. Illustrating tantra therapy.

The tantra therapist training consists of four modules

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Home studies

rigorous course material and a mind-blowing online course with informative texts and illustrative videos for a deeper understanding of the tantric processes and exhercises.

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Massage and energy work


Residential at Skeppsudden in Sweden this week is all about the foundation of tantra: Shadow work, bodywork & energy work

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Therapist Training

Residential at Ängsbacka this week is all about creating exciting, healing, fun and beautiful sessions and powerful tantric rituals with your clients.

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Test Clients & Self therapy

The last module is done in your own pace. Here you work with test clients and receive therapy and guidance your self from one of your classmates.




The first module is home studies. You will get a list of interesting litterature and  access to a powerful online course containing videos of tantric meditations and tantra massage. You also find informative texts about tantra, energy system, fascia, the nervous system, endocrinology and much more. You will see all the chapters in the online course here: 

The tantra therapist training consists of four modules


An important part of the tantra therapy is the tantric body and energy work. This module is done residential at Skeppsudden and here you will cultivate a heightened awareness of your body's subtle energies through mindfulness, breathwork, and somatic practices.  You will learn powerful techniques to channel and manipulate energy for healing purposes, including tantric massage. You will also learn the profound transformative power of sacred rituals and ceremonies to deepen your spiritual practice.

A man giving a tantra therapy session. Touching another man gently and with a lot of love.


This is the second residential week and its done at Ängsbacka kursgård. Here you will learn how to hold a tantric session and how to guide various clients towards inner peace and freedom. The workshops are combined with actual session work where you will practice giving sessions to the other students and to specially invited guests. You will receive tantric sessions as well.


The topics of this week are:

Healing trough pleasure

Low self esteem and its cure

Sexual trauma, turning pain in to power

Sexual dysfunctions and energetic sex

Orgasmic birth & healing of birth traumas

Couples counseling

Co regulating the nervous system

Basic NLP hypnoses to overcome inner conflicts

Releasing trauma using kundalini energy

Tantric meditations to alter consciousness and cellular restoration and healing 


After the three first modules you have a certification process to finish your training. During this process you will give four trial clients, 3 sessions each. After being approved you will be certified as a tantra therapist and be a part of a beautiful community.


The Art of Love's tantra therapists are always invited to join all the Art of Love's trainings as assistents and to come and support Ängsbacka Tantra Festivals  "Dakini Team" during the summers.


You will be invited to exciting photoshoots, amazing adventures and be supported to share your gifts from the Art of Love's  worldwide tantric community. 


Don’t let another day pass you by without taking the first step towards a life of fulfillment, purpose, and prosperity. Enroll in our Tantra Therapist Training program today and start this transformational adventure that will empower you to shine bright and make a lasting impact on the world. Your future self will thank you for it!

Next Tantra Therapist Training is scheduled at:

14th to 20th of October - Tantra Massage Week - at Skeppsudden Kursgård

25th of November to 1st of December - Tantra Therapy Week - at Ängsbacka kursgård.

The price for the whole autumn training, all four modules including food and accommodation in a dorm room at Skeppsudden and Ängsbacka residential weeks is 37.600 Sek + 25% VAT.

EARLY BIRD PRICE: If you book before September 1st you will get the early bird price and you'll pay only 32.600 Sek + 25% VAT.

You can divide the payment in to two invoices if needed.


You get access to the online module as soon as you have made your payment and your reservation.


The course use to sell out approximately one month before course start.

You can upgrade your room to a double room for only 1020 Sek and a single room for 2520 Sek

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Your success is super important to me, and its of great importance to the world. Once you are done with your certification I will personally congratulate you with a FREE GIFT. 

To make sure you'll have the success you deserve, I will give you access to my powerful business coaching program "spiritual business". A complete guide in how to let go of money blocks and how to promote yourself like a star!


Sign up TODAY by sending your application to:

Answer the questions:

1. Full name

2. Adress

3. Invoice details including VAT if you want to invoice to a corporate business

4. Your motivation to take this training.

5. Your previous experiences in tantra, yoga, coaching or meditation.

6. Any sexual trauma from the past.

7. Any current mental health problems (psychoses, schizophrenia, borderline) or any problems in the past.

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