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Are you ready to make your passion a profession?

Thank you for choosing to live an epic life and at the same time,

supporting others to do so too!

Together we are building the foundation of a new world.


A world for our children and ourselves to thrive in.


Are you ready ?

The Art of Love’s Tantra therapist Training is Europes foremost education for you who wish to work as a:

tantra masseur

sex coach

couples counsellor

relationship coach

or tantra therapist 



Sign up TODAY for this life changing education.


A training that is both online and irl.


Here you get a unique blend of science and spirituality,

found nowhere else in the world. 


Here you will deepen your capacity to love and to hold space for trauma in order for the wounds to heal. You will learn how to master sexual energy and all the ancient secrets of tantra. You will develop your intuition and learn stunning bodywork.


Love is healing and pleasure is a powerful antidote to anxiety. 




Everyone are looking for a more satisfying love life and most people need support in how to release stress, performance anxiety and fear around intimacy and relationships. 


One of the worlds most renown educations to become a tantra therapist, sex coach or relationship expert. A unique curriculum with a perfect blend of science and mysticism.

Learn amazing bodywork and tantric energy work. Develop your innate healing powers. Learn how to create tantric rituals and hold space for deep traumas.

Develop your own therapist style. Do you want to work online, with couples, women or with sexuality?

Crystalize your own excellence and personal gifts.

Wealth is not our goal!

Its a mean to achieve what we want!

Learn how to value your gifts and  how to run a successful business.

Develop your coaching and counseling skills. Learn how to establish a deep and safe connection with your clients.

Be a part of a super supportive community.

Therapists all over the world who are sharing clients, supporting each others growth and organizes meetups online and irl.

Your success... important to me. Your success is important to the planet. 
With your success, more people will feel at peace with themselves.
With more peaceful people, we create a more peaceful world.

Therefore you will get a unique business course to create your business model, your USP, your branding and social media marketing. 


We are welcoming both male and female applicants. If you don't want to work as a tantra therapist, this training give you the knowledge of a DAKA or DAKINI. A daka/ dakini is a tantric sexual healer. This short video is after an education with only men - men who want to take on a profession as tantra therapists or the role as a daka in their intimate relationships.

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