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Tantra massage and tantric bodywork is all about using your intuition and follow the energy. How ever, to be able to use your intuition you need to have reference points, experiences. Through this training we will learn different techniques of tantra massage. Some of which you will use intuitively during your massage sessions. We are also working to increase our sensibility in the body to be able to feel more pleasure and to flow with the energi during a bodywork session. 

Head Massage

Grounding massage

Bodywork to balance the posture and improve breath

Channelling energy & healing

Empty Hand Touch

Touch Games to increase safety

Fascia Release

Triggerpoint Massage & Kundalini Activation

Erotic Tantric Massage

Mouth and throat dearmouring

Abdominal massage

Yoni Healing

Sacred Spot

Lingam Activation

Energy transmission

Back Massage

During the tantra massage retreat week you will also experience tantric rituals, spontaneous healing sessions, deep sharing and festive evenings. You will give massage to both men and women and it's always optional to be nude or to perform the massage with clothes on.

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