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Lin Lovely and one of her students at the tantra therapist training, practicing tantra and holding eachothers hands in a loving and soft way.

Transform pain into power with Tantra Therapy

Do you believe in the healing powers of love?


Tantra Therapy is a revolutionary form of therapy that combines tantra with modern science to create a healing experience beyond the ordinary

Tantra Therapy is a unique holistic method that integrates interdisciplinary science in anatomy, psychology and endocrinology with the classic philosophy of tantra. Our method is based on deep

non-judgmental listening in loving presence combined with touch.


A tantra therapy session offers a safe and very supportive space for exploring your emotions,

negative thoughts and limiting patterns.

A tantric session is an experience of deep healing and personal growth.


What to expect from Tantra Therapy

In tantra therapy, we use a variety of techniques aimed at releasing emotional blockages, balancing your energy and releasing stress & anxiety. As tantra therapists we are experts of sexual energy, and many of our clients come to heal their sexuality and to open up to deeper connections and healthy relationships.


Through touch, energy work, movement & breathing exercises, hypnosis and classic tantric meditations, we guide you on a journey towards increased awareness, presence and self-realisation.

Our clients experience rapid relief of acute symptoms while receiving profound healing and an understanding of the roots of the symptoms. We believe in treating the whole individual - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - to promote long-term health and happiness.

Holding the third eye is a common practise in tantra therapy.  Here is one of the students from the tantra therapist training with the Art of Love.
Gentra touch of hands, two tantra therapists from the tantra therapist education showing eachother love by touching gently.
Some of the tantra therapists from the tantra therapist training with the art of love. Sitting together dressed in black.

Specialized in Tantra Therapy

We understand that all clients are unique, and therefore our tantra therapists have different areas of expertise. Some tantra therapists focus on coaching based on the philosophy of tantra, while others work closely with clients through loving and sometimes intimate touch. No matter what type of tantra therapy suits you the best, you can trust that our therapists are very professional, respectful and dedicated to your well-being.

The benefits of tantra therapy

Loving embrace from Lin Lovely the teacher at the Art of Loves tantra therapist training.


Overcome aversion of touch or feeling closed and disconnected from your partner. Heal from emotional and sexual abuse and develop healthy relationships. 

A beautiful flower that looks like a yoni


Tantra therapy offers an effective and non medicated solution for EDS, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, loss of libido and sexual pain.

A woman feeling relaxed and content after a tantra therapy session at the Art of Loves tantra therapist training.


The foundation of tantra therapy is the deep and loving connection to yourself and to life. Through tantra therapy you'll find deep relaxation and spiritual growth.

Two tantra therapists from the Art of loves Tantra Therapy Training, they are greeting eachother with a lot of happiness and joy.


Don't let social anxiety isolate you and limit you from living the life you dream of. With tantra therapy you will be a confident and appreciated friend.

We need more tantra therapists! Our sessions are high in demand.

Are you ready to make your passion a profession?  Right now we are taking in new students to the Tantra Therapist Training, a transformative journey towards a fun and rewarding job as a tantra therapist. Imagine a future job that not only enriches your life, but also empowers you to make a profound impact on the world! 


Join our exclusive Tantra Therapist Training TODAY!

Lin Lovely the teacher at the tantra therapist training, sitting dressed in a suit on a white armchair.

Lin Lovely
Tantra therapist, author & teacher

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